#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - Lyrical G

Posted by TheTribe UG on 10:38 PM

Follow the leader, most rap n****s is just features/

My tactical technique cause n****s to catch seizures/
I bomb tracks, warhead, harzardous on the instrumental/
Go against I, swear to God it's detrimental/
I'm off the leash causing extortion on the beat/
Convicted of 1st degree murdering all you wack MC's/
Geezy for he's sick as the HIV/
I leave them stretched out or permanently stuck to an IV/
Freeze, pause & wait, this ain't for those who can't relate/
I pack the type of skill to make you discombobulate/
Simply the best, choke on the words a n***a said/
As I forever, continue to reign on your parade, I Am Legend./

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