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Thursday, February 27, 2014

GO HARD - The-Mith [Destination:Africa]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Earlier this month, The-Mith launched a blog “Road2DestinationAfrica” dedicated to his sophomore album Destination:Africa, through this blog he has been giving updates about the album and other projects he happens to feature on like the “UG Cypher”.

This week he announced the release of his second single “Go Hard” off the album followed up by the snippet of the song. Go Hard is produced by Aethan one of the UG TopHip-Hop producers and mastered by Samurae. In an interview via The-Mith’s blog Aethan says the song was partially inspired by Wonder Wall a 1995 song by the English band Oasis. (read full interview here)

Mr.So UG is set to perform the single for the first time tonight at kwivuga and it will be officially released on 01.03.14.

Listen to Go Hard Snippet Here.

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Monday, February 24, 2014


Cover Art: September Reign

By Byaruhanaga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

It’s been 5years since The-Mith dropped his first solo project that cemented his brand TMMG on the UG hip-hop scene. It was this project that introduced us to him as an individual away from the klear kut group. The mixtape gave birth to an anthem “I’m So UG” that later developed into a lifestyle and a fully-fledged brand with merchandise. So, this week on my #ThrowBackPlaylist I re-visit the mixtape and look at some tracks that made it a “Master Piece” that it is.


This is one of the timeless tracks on the mixtape (of course after So UG). It’s a song that will be relevant to the UG hip-hop industry year after year because of the message attached to it. On this track Mr. So UG, talks to his fellow rappers on how to move the industry forward and also paying tribute to P-Tech (R.I.P). While listening to this song one can easily see how The-Mith has influenced the industry through his lyrical content.

“I hope to see more emcees collaborating, less hating, more unity & less segregation/
This way English and lugaflow can both get representation/
I hope to see an emcee get the artist of the year nomination and go ahead to win the award/
I have seen those who win the award and trust me with what they sing they shouldn’t even be near the award/”
---The-Mith (Sight)
He goes ahead to rap telling his fellow emcees to stand up against the media who ask for payments to get their music far which almost every emcee or any upcoming artist generally in the Ugandan music has gone through when trying to push his/her music.

Give It Up

The instrumental on this track has a catchy old-school melody that will get your head bopping. On this one he features Don MC who delivers his verse clearly and deliberately with witty punchlines. This is one of the on the mixtape where they get to prove why you shouldn’t compare them to rappers since the genre is competitive and no emcee allows that one is better than the other.
“I don’t give a finger so, screw your comparisons/
I’m nicer than any one you have me up against/
These rappers are straight jokers, Heath Ledger/
Do the math even in death they will never be better
It’s time for my Reign [rain] so, they seek shelter”
---The-Mith (Give it up)


I can go back & forth talking about this one but to sum it all up this is one of the tracks that make the mixtape what it is. The-Mith comes on lyrically strong with pinchlines sculpturing his verses with no hook. He goes ahead to rap;
“Put me on the same page as Nav & Kruk/
Before you get disarmed by the charm of an iron hook/”
---The-Mith (Caution)
As you continue to listen to the mixtape you understand why he is one of the most influential rappers in Uganda. The mixtape boasts of features from Klear Kut ( sweet & stay high), Young Nick (beasts from the east), Unique (who has a full song rapping alone), GNL (You know what’s up on which The-Mith does a verse in luganda) and Benon (on she’s so hot). In case you don’t have the September Reign mixtape just google it  you will be able to download it.
The-Mith is currently working on his sophomore album “Destination:Africa” which has some of africa’s hip-hop big acts appearing on it like IKechwuku from Nigeria, J.Town & Screech from Ghana on different tracks.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

#LOYALTY-Enygma, Flex D'paper & Michael Ross [Song Review]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

You Will Learn The Dance Of Politics, To Be Ruthless And Cunning. And Above All, You Will Be Loyal To Your Family. To Me. After All, Without Loyalty Between Us, We Are No Better Than The Beasts At Our Door.’
-Viktor (Intro)

If that intro doesn't get you, then you’re listening to the wrong genre of music. It’s got from the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, sorry if you watched the translated version but back to the song; it’s produced by Baru who did a great job with the beat. Enygma features Michael Ross (@mrosskakooza) on the chorus who executed it perfectly and Flex D’paper (@flexdpaper who switches up his ‘Fresh Prince of KLA’ style on this one. The lyrics on this song are meaningful and they can easily be related to by anyone.  It’s no doubt that this will be one of those Enygma classics off his upcoming debut album.

Download Loyalty Here.

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