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    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) As we wait for 13th December for the official release of Keko Town's upcoming P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D mixtape (which we shall be hosting on our blog) I caught up with

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  • NEW DAY - ATLAS ft. Lillian Mbabazi [Behind The Scenes]

    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) New Day is one of the singles of Atlas Da African's upcoming album 'Loyalty Before Royalty' and it features the talented Lillian Mbabazi who;

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - Ruyonga

August 8th, Gloryfire, Rruu!
I'm still Africa's newest spokesman/
Close your eyes & you can see me covered in goat's skin/
Warning the world about Christ's coming, judgment approaching/
So when I challenge your thoughts, yeah I'm tryna provoke em/
Volcanic, spit lava, few liver with the saliva/
When it comes to rhyming I'm a thriver & a survivor/
The Hip-Hop equivalent of a thousand planets colliding/
Each with a million cans of lit dynamite blasting inside them/
Ever since my King was nailed to a cross, I ain't in no gang/
So I make no claims with my fingers crossed, ain't bothered with the cost/
Ssebo sitya loss, you're gonna wanna pick the boss/
Finding my name by that ballot box the only time you wanna tick me off./
Connect With Ruyonga;
Facebook: Ruyonga
Twitter: @RuyongaMusic
Website: www.ruyonga.com

Monday, September 28, 2015

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - St Nellysade

Nellysade mannya gange leero serabidde/
Ntuuse, nsinzidde, nsitamye ani antegedde/
Ntuuse na pokopoko jjawo eddogo nze nazze jjo/
Lindako eno kiggweyo nyambale emidaali/
Ndi rapper w'abajulizi, abanaazina musembere/
Tulamage, abajja e Namugongo, mukuute enfudu/
Ntambuza bizinga, ku mazzi nambula byalo/
Kalangala, ndi Luzira, ab'e Kenya nzija nkya/
Ndi mwogezi, mukwabuzi nze mugezi akumanyisa/
Ebijja nebinaddawo nkulengeze ekizikiza?/
Ndi Wenger, eno Arsenal njikwatira bifo nkya/
Man, you ggwe olaba? Nkukyamula ongoberere./

Connect With St. Nelly-Sade
Twitter: @St_Nellysade
Facebook: St. Nelly-Sade

Friday, September 25, 2015

CRAZY (Niko Chizi)- NAVIO x KEKO [Download + Review]

Download Crazy  Navio & Keko

As McKenzie continues to celebrate his 10years in the industry, he recruits Aethan, Navio and keko for his latest single “Crazy (Niko Chizi)” off his upcoming album “RudeBoy music”. The song aligns itself with the theme/objective of McKenzie with his album which is celebrating.
Keko comes through on the beat with an impeccable delivery which will quickly remind you why she’s UG’s number one female rapper (well, according to me) and Navio who also owns he beat comfortably and effortlessly.

Furthermore on his particular song we notice that it’s not about putting two rap heavyweights and a super producer but rather a combination of two styles that complement each other on a dope beat. With dope visuals to accompany this song has a hip-hop single off his album on continental rotation. Download the song here.

Connect with Mckenzie
Bryan Kella McKenzie
Twitter:  @RudeboyKella1
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rudeboymusic256/

Contact writer;
Facebook: Byaruhanga Felix FeliFed
Twitter: @TheNinjaFelix
Email: theninjafelix@gmail.com

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - The-Mith

"I just became an uncle again/
Had me thinking should I kill them or be nice with the pen/
Well why pretend, man I'll bring your whole style to an end/
There's none rivalling him, I send them shots like I brought the rifle with him/
Who stays dope? Who got next?/
Who should I start looking at like they're the next rap threat?/
Internet gassed them all, they'll never walk my steps/
So lemme score respect, score more cheques & make sure the shoes all check/
I'm top floor til I'm dead & under/
Blind my competition they will never see me blunder/
Coz like a street kid looking for food to eat in Ramathan/
None of these guys will ever match my hunger/."

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Facebook: TheMithMusic
Twitter: @TheMithMusic
Instagram: @TheMithMusic

YouTube: TheMithVideos

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - 3 Card

My father made something out of almost nothing at 25/
Got me feeling like I'm falling behind/
Time, waits for no man so, I gotta pick up the pace/
N make the world do a slow dance, problem is/
Man ain't quite ready to hold hands/
Take it how you wanna, realism or romance I write it/
Just a conveyor of words, welcome to the verbal slayer's layer/
I've been dying to spit a verse on life/
Strike, crack a bottle & smile/
Like a senior citizen boy I been at it a while/
I seen things that you wouldn't believe/
Wrote rhymes too ill for any MC to ever conceive. 3!!/
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Facebook: 3-Card
Twitter : @Threecardmusic

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - Tucker HD

"Awesome familia, Martha Smallz in the rear/
In stu my Saba Saba sings in a voice so familiar to Maurice's, Kirya/
Ill? it'll forcefully heal ya, remorsefully kill ya/
In the zone, I'm Chuck Norris, mic's on Ima off a superior/
Flow splendid, they're all offended/
Their careers, kill 'em all off. Ended. Then fall back like Jerome Boateng did/
Bringing cash in, I'm on my Charles Mayiga Peter/
The naked truth you Beliebers, you cowards & divas act on the net is see-through, Mbabazi Eva/
Trash your albums boy/
How come? If there's no Tucker verses, then that's the outcome/
Slight contact & you might contract Ebola/
OG, the rest of you rappers fake hip. Fabiola's./"

-Tucker HD
Connect With Tucker
Facebook: Tucker HD
Twitter: @TuckerHDMusic