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    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) As we wait for 13th December for the official release of Keko Town's upcoming P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D mixtape (which we shall be hosting on our blog) I caught up with

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  • NEW DAY - ATLAS ft. Lillian Mbabazi [Behind The Scenes]

    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) New Day is one of the singles of Atlas Da African's upcoming album 'Loyalty Before Royalty' and it features the talented Lillian Mbabazi who;

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Third World King - Play01 [Download + Lyrics]

I heard em niggas claiming they was aiming for the throne,
Well am the one that's dropping hot shit, clearly got a toilet for a throne
I'll make it quick, raps fishy and I got a bone to pick
Cause every night at 6am trying to be with Ella like Shovon
Until I move units like a sergeant
What y'all expect that's what I left out,
Cause it's right, like a pen at the margin,
I been trying way too hard just to fit in like am sleeping with a virgin
No stress, am making em M's grow
I spit crack, am dope, they waiting on me to blow
While I sit still and grow, like a kid watching porn
It's not Uga flow, unless u got flow
And am feeling, like a clit, the rap game is mortal kombat
Am reptile, I be leaving scars when I spit,
I got the hard shit, constipated flow
Am trying to give the rest room, but it's kinda hard being the shit

I heard about niggaz that selling their souls for the money and power,
I heard u get power if u picked by the Illuminati the world could be ours,
But what does he gain if a man own the world but he losing his soul
Just for the power and gold, just for the power and gold, just to be known, known...

I'm the king, and I don't want u niggaz on my throne,
That's P-L-AY-0-1,
That's Play, they askin’ me what it sound like, tell em lil boys what it sound like,
Hommie I'm the king,
And I don't want u niggaz on my throne,
That's P-L-AY-0-1, that's play
Tell em lil boys it's play, tell em nice girls it's play,
It's play

Now everybody wanna claim they the sickest, act they be ill
Have patience, take two of these before you sleep
They be flossing in their lines, yet they forcing in their lives
But my flow the best, it came from the source of the Nile
Got my vocals all compiled, have it seen that am in to win
Am fresh and clean, so when they bite, they grin like with Listerine
Seen that I make em scream,
I make em sin, as I make a scene
Then I make it seen in the magazine
I'm the shit, and am about to blow like a fart
Think you hard cause you got a spot on the charts
U could get evicted, u could get your place took
Internet thugs acting hard up on Facebook
I face dudes, that fake cool, adios like fake shoes
But honestly am trying to take your Bitch, like an Asian cook
That's evil, girls ain't see through, some with diseases
That burn rubber like Vin Diesel

My pen on the pad as I spell it like voodoo, I mean what would you do
If ur ego wanna echo Keko, go beyond
Gold like Gaddafi or Seseko Mobutu
But what does he gain if a man own the world but he losing his soul
Just for the power and gold, just for the power and gold
Just to be known, known

They claim the prince shall inherit the throne from his fore fathers,
So he should be born of royal blood to rule
But even royal blood had a genesis
So I sought out the wisdom of the great and listened like a blind student
To place myself on this pedestal
With the belief that I have grown from a sown mustard seed
To hold my ground as I shed light like the mvule tree
I shall take what I believe is rightfully mine
I shall reach for the skies

Connect with Play01
Facebook: Play01
Twitter: @ThaGameBoy
Instagram: @ThaGameBoy

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ntinda Boy - P.I.F [Download]

 P.I.F (PAID IN FULL) is a contemporary Music group made up of two recording artist; Felippe Pif & Mickey So-low Pif . P.I.F refer to their sound & style as RnHop which is a fusion of RnB & Hip Hop with it's roots In NTi (Ntinda).

"Ntinda Boy" is all about them representing NTINDA (Tuli Bazukulu Be Ntinda). The song was recorded at Valley Curve REcords by (Mickey So-low & Felippe) & Mixed and Mastered By Jthe45 (Dustville Records).
Download Ntinda Boy here.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

"It's My Music Get It. Slavery Ended Decades Ago." - Keko

On August 5th, 2012 Keko Town announced via her Facebook page that she had signed a contract with Sony Music Africa and ever since then we've been patiently waiting for her debut album. As we waited for the album, through her contract with Sony they put out a couple of singles that had the continent's attention and followed by a mixtape "Paranoid" that she released last year.

In an interesting turn of events Keko has been on a rant via twitter (@Kekotown) talking about how she owns her music and slavery ended decades ago (they can't own her or her work). We're left to believe that she's referring to Sony Music Africa or her Rockstar4000 management cause she further goes ahead to say she wants to be dropped & to talk about a one "Munyaradzi" masquerading as her manager. Below are a couple of tweets

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mbamalawo - Navio [Video]

Mbamalwo is the leading single off Navio's upcoming album POWER. The video has the raw street energy & features appearances from new school rapper Flex D'Paper.

Check out the video below & let us know what you think. You can Download the song here.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Simple Girl - Lilian Mbabazi [Video Review + Download]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

First things first, if you don’t have the song yet slap yourself first & then get it here.  The song is produced by Benon Mugumbya whose production compliments the vocal prowess of Lillian on this one. It's one of the singles ahead of her 21st August "Simple Girl Concert" due to take-place at Serena.

The video is rich in concept and matches the storytelling of the song from the go.  The video follows a young girl telling her story of how she left the hills of Kabale (hoeme) for the big city to make extra money so as to provide for the sick mother. She faces different struggles in the city from unemployment to the poor work treatment in the “kafunda” where she managed to secure a job.

The video is shot & directed by Sasha Vybz who also joined the DEG roster in addition to Lillian & Atlas the African.What makes it more than just a video is that we can all relate it. We all go through different struggles so as to provide for our loved ones & when sometimes things get tough we hang on to the Lord to hear our cries. Download the audio of simple girl here & let Lillian know what you think about the song via twitter @Lmbabazi.

Contact Writer;
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Email: theninjafelix@gmail.com

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Difference Between UG Hip-Hop back then at DV 8 & Now -Lyrical G [Interview]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

On Thursday (14th May) Lyrical G will be holding an event at Mask Lounge Bukoto dubbed "Lyrical G & Friends: A Feel Good Music Experience" (entrance UGX 10,000) so I decided to catch up with him to talk about a lot of things in relation to Ugandan Hip-Hop, it's growth and how it was back then rapping at DV 8 before major hip-hop concerts started.

QN: What's good boss?! It's good to have you here at The Tribe UG. Let's get into it. You've 8 albums to your name what keeps you going  in studio & the energy to release a new album every year?!

Hard work and dedication to what I do keeps me going..I'm a big fan of music and love creating new stuff that's why I try hard to drop an album every year. More-so every album is a step forward in my  growth as an artiste...

QN: Can you walk us through your first two albums? There creation & how the Lyrical G then used to create music from the time he thinks of a concept until it's executed.

1st 2 albums were a learning experience..as is often the case,a debut album will determine if an artiste has what it takes to stake their claim..I was blessed to work with the best in the game(Steve Jean)..hence my Live From East Africa album did exceptionally well both locally and all over the East-African region.
2nd album allowed me to stretch my creativity even further in that I was able to work with other producers and also flex my production a little deeper..it also allowed me to have control over who and what I recorded.

QN: In the due process of recording all these albums how have you evolved & embraced the changes that have come with the industry while staying true to your art?!

I have grown and evolved into a better artiste..I have been around for a minute and have seen the industry grow and change..you have to embrace change and move with the times..my 8 albums are proof of that.I never compromised my style to satisfy anyone..rather I kept it real from the jump.that's why I've managed to stay relevant for this long.

QN: What's the difference back when you started out rapping then at DV8 & now where rappers can hold concerts?! Apart from social media of course?!

Difference between DV8 and the present situation is we were able to showcase to many people seeing as we performed with artistes from other genres of music..nowadays you have rappers performing to hiphop/rap fans alone...social media has played a big role too cause now all you have to do is record and create a buzz for your works and put that work out when you feel like it..back then it was almost calculative since you had to compete with many other genres.

QN: As a rapper who has been in the industry for a while & as one of the people who laid a foundation for the UG hip-hop industry what are your thoughts on the current hip-hop landscape in relation to the Ugandan music consumption?!

The current hip hop scene is really buzzing..a lot of new names and faces some of whom I really feel..just goes to show that if you work hard you will get somewhere..keep working..and pushing.

Connect with Lyrical G
Facebook: Lyrical G
Twitter:  @GmcLyrical
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/lyricalg

Contact writer;
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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Touch Down Cipher - Urban Aksent [DOWNLOAD]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Whenever Urban Aksent artists come together to do something/announce that they're dropping something, you always kept anticipating what has been said on the verses especially after seeing the artist line up. This particular cipher was put together by Levi Boy (C.E.O Urban Aksent) who put together a dope project that features different languages (like Rukiga & Luganda) and a femcee. The cipher features Nes G, Jhay Efekt, Sulphuric, St. Nellysade, KracBone, N.I, Rugged Made, Agee & T-Bro who deliver bar after bar on a beat produced by Beats So Sliq & Big Mart.

The Cipher is opened by an intro from Nes G who discourages "online rap gangsters" and encourages more love in the rap game by doing ciphers. Jhay Efekt kicks the first verse with the "Desire flow" followed by Sulphuric who spits incendiary lines. Not forgetting the storyteller St. NellySade who delivers his lugaflow bars exceptionally and the "QUEEN" Agee who kicks her lines among KINGS. As we wait for the video of cipher (to be shot by Nes G) you can download the cipher here and let us know what you think of it via facebook (The Tribe UG) or twitter (@TheTribe_UG)

Contact Writer;
Facebook: Byaruhanga Felix
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