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    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) As we wait for 13th December for the official release of Keko Town's upcoming P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D mixtape (which we shall be hosting on our blog) I caught up with

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  • NEW DAY - ATLAS ft. Lillian Mbabazi [Behind The Scenes]

    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) New Day is one of the singles of Atlas Da African's upcoming album 'Loyalty Before Royalty' and it features the talented Lillian Mbabazi who;

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Ruyonga Breaks Down His "ReDefinitions' Verse.

By Ruyonga (@RuyongaMusic)

I'm the redefinition; they study my rise from the ash like a phoenix and read the Phoenician

-Redefinition/read the phoenician, ancient language, ancient people, originators of the alphabet, the Greeks jacked them alot, one of their kings built the temple of Solomon. The phoenix is the bird of reincarnation and reinvention, it burns to ashes and a new one emerges. Krukid/Ruyonga reference. Also, natives of Phoenix Arizona are called Phoenicians...Old Phoenicians descended from Canaanites. The phoenix associated meanings are Sun, Red, Early Christianity used it as a symbol (Google)

It’s all Greek to me, seek for me in the dictionary under realest emcee’s definition

-Again, phoenician culture really influenced the greeks, the world trendsetters' trendsetters. As an emcee I aim to write the realest most defining and redefining stuff I can, Dictionary is a book of definitions (Captain Obvious)

Addiction to diction with zero remission, this christian was a former seed of perdition

-Addiction is seen as a sickness, remission is the reversal of a sickness, vocabulary wise I see no cure for me in sight. Seeds are children, and sons of perdition in Christianity is a reference to being children of darkness before Salvation

The game’s on my back, I carry on tradition, I’m Dr. UG if you need a prescription

-The rap game on my back reference, whatever is on your back you carry, I'm a big proponent of the christian, hip hop and traditional home cultures even where they at times conflict. I am all three. Doctors prescribe, doctors prescribe drugs, Doctor (Dr.)UG looked at literally can say DrUG

Get it? We’ll here’s the description,I’m the scribe that you prescribe that’s hard to describe

-Scribes are professional writers, emcees are mordern day scribes, pre is before, de is remove....play on scribing (scribble, subscribe etc)

We fly as a G 5 taking free rides on satellite that’s big enough to need three pilots, Ugandan C Wallace

-References to different objects of flight, G5 is a plane, manned satellites are humongous, C Wallace is Chris Wallace, Notorious BIG

I get to the head quicker than a free stylist, they can’t nail us but they keep filing

-Freestylers go off the head or off the top, could be called freestylists, play off stylists, as in hair stylist, free stylists would probably get more hair work than those you have to pay, nails are filed, we're like a case they can't crack but they keep filing paperwork on us. They can’t catch up but they keep trying.

Me and baru A grade so we be solid, majorly laugh when we see minors try to define us

Grade reference, A as in A plus, B is a solid grade, C minus is barely passable, me and Baru are majors laughing alot when we see minors trying to fine us with a D grade/degrade, not happening. Play off the grades and A B C D concept

Caught in the fire of the refiners, only God himself could’ve designed us

-God is defined in the Bible as the all-consuming fire, the purifier, the refiner's fire. And only he could have orchestrated what we do

My reign on the top, ain’t gonna stop, hate it or not this rise to fame you gone need cable to watch

-This was flow based, unstoppable reign going international, you will need more than access to local channels to fully watch or catch it

With the highest subscription that you could pay for the box sitting ringside by the main stage where the
Watts from the base so loud you hyperventilate from the shock, on the scale of one to five, every
Masterpiece …. That we stage on every stage is similar to a stage six catastrophe

-More cable references, you need the highest international access possible, or the best seats in any building, as close to the speakers (We are public speakers) as possible, as close to the action as you can get. There's a play on stages, we're a stage six on the one to five scale etcetera

Amazing as eating maize in a maze preaching saving salvation to a Mason while he’s macing you

-Play on amazing, a maze is a confusing path, maize is corn, masons are said to be illuminati, Anti-Christ, against the message of salvation or being saved... mace is a burning liquid

We’re here to stay so take a picture it’ll help the gaze linger,see the aim of our mission couldn’t stay simpler

-Take a picture it'll last longer, usually a phrase said to people who overly stare or gaze. We're around for a while. The mission is simple as explained below

Kill the beat,reveal the kingdom that won’t stay hidden, release the heat and preach the peace all to the same rhythm

-It's basically saying the message is life and love to everybody but death to every beat

Keep the truth in their ear even if they never listen, lyrical and beat demolition redefinition…

-They don't hear me. But they will though. The message will keep going out. Kill Beats Spill peace keep refining and redefining...

Shout outs to Baru. New single dropping soon. Pce.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Enygma [Download + Lyrics]

All the spitters and the rappers wanna read my mind, will I kill 'em on a verse or will I please be kind/ Will there be another body that I leave behind, for the police to find, when I release these rhymes?/ But I am redefined. I litter because I ain't trashing no rappers no more/ I captured the flow, slick as the oil that I spill but Enygma ain't crude anymore/ I'm refined! Been mining diamonds, redefining punchlining rhyming/ We're the finest, the shine was mine but now it's finally time I'm retiring/ Uh! It's a Game-of-Thrones and you're sitting on the seat-ya-loss while I'm spitting/ Born in Africa, ain't none sicker on the mic since Philly you feel me?
I need the President to pardon me. I'm a prodigy. Killing every beat and probably with out apology/ They want racks on racks, I got raps on raps, it's evident the bars are a part of me/ Is it 'cause I'm from M-bar-ara? Yeah, it's where they'll bury me, before anybody body me/ With Baru on the deck, gonna bar U to death, so you better be the baddest tryina bother me/ I'm fly like a lear jet, you're upset, you're fly like Aaliyah dead/ Wanna bet? I won the bet because I be ahead. You're in debt. Bottomline gonna be red/ Like a girl withoutapad or a clean bed/ 'Cause it's nappy, now I'm happy, so boo hoo!/ I'm a creative dude, my rhymes are the shit, thats what a creative dude do!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ReDefinitions Baru ft. Play 01 [Download + Lyrics]

Download ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Play 01

Just another black man with a bad credit
If I ever had a bat car am Prolly gon sell it But I still wanna sing in a Porsche like Nelly Every bump trynna grind hard like Rkelly Cuz I want a couple rooms in a house call home My whole mob bad and straight like Capone Am talking bout Egypt cooks that make Spanish food And some Ghana chic that speak German too Now if u combine ur minds, u can find that my Crew confide in my, mind for a living, meaning We could be walking to ur spot in 5s, offer that u can't refuse in a second Y u lookin so mad That nigga said I ain't that bad, Y my nigga gotta sleep with a gat? Y I gotta make ur family sad Real shit But then new Jordan's I want, Brand new tees that I never done worn Give me that car where the engine roar Give me Benz where 80 per hour real slow But about that, I lay back with a back pack Not packed and a snapbackbthat I flip back Not a sox hat, but em js it gon match it Matter fact, moving with a lean like a hunch back Maybe I can buy myself a mountain Maybe I be showering n sipping water right out of the fountain of Youth, standing in the booth proving am about Hear my thoughts out as am shouting That's the kinda shit that make me know whenever Ima make whatever I'll b doin for the sake o Damn doing it Grind for a living so u know am going through with it I ain't living with the option of blowing it But I get back on my biz I slow down and act am drunk as ish Y u on my biz? Am guessing u ain't got none of urs

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

So African - A.Y, AirporTaxi & A-Pass [Review + Download]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

When you get one of the most hip-hop selling artist (A.Y) out of Tanzania on to a track with AirporTaxi, a hip-hop/RnB group out of Uganda and a dance-hall/reggae sensation as A-Pass then expect to get a refined product like So African’. On a project put together by Talent Africa A.Y, AiporTaxi and A-Pass came together to form a music collective known as the ‘A-Team’ that will be releasing more projects together and ‘So African’ premiers as their debut project with a video (yet to be released) that was shot to accompany it.

On a beat produced by Nessim, A.Y opens the track with a verse in swahili which gives the song a bongo flava feel and closes it with a few bars in English. A-Pass kicks in with the hook who is supported by the AirporTaxi first lady Martha Smallz laying down powerful vocals giving the song a more smooth feel. The AirporTaxi co-pilot Tucker HD takes it away with a second verse that’s filled with heavyweight punch lines as he describes his African lady. A-Pass closes off the song with a strong Jamaican patois verse which shows us that he mastered his dance-hall/reggae craft.

Download So African 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Pryce [Download + Lyrics]

Download ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Pryce

Intro:Teeba 16 kubbo
Nkola kubo

Sababanda mu Uganda mafiyoso Pryce Teeba so kulwekyo.Mpanda manda oluganda mpanda muliro,Ewuwo ekyamagero ewange kyabulijo.kibewunyisa nti mbewunyisa!!!(tombusabuda ndi kakensa)Gala oluji mpita mu dinisa
Wegendereze anti nyize epessa
D.U.S.T.V.I Double L.E mumanyi kati nze anni,nanyini motto Nanyini
Street bwenzijja zinyoka.Presidential Rap(okay)kitegezA Sevo,Kitegeza edala lyange dala nyo Ku lilyo.(kuliryo.kuliryo) a.k.a baby jajja a.k.a Zikyajja a.k.a

Nze ndi kingkong KingPin
Mbuza boss ate gwe oli king ki?Oyogera biki mbuza olwo lulimi ki?Rapper ki apapa atamanyi nti nze papa (pa.pa.pa)tonyumiza rapper bakadde nga okimanyi guno mwaka mupya.wrap Up yaggwa nanga bipya mixtape ejja tubasengejje mukasengejja,obamanyi Nkimanyi nawe obamanyi.Obamanyi otumanyi abanna be Ntinda Pryce Tee a mbuza gwotamanyi ehehe

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Friday, January 23, 2015

O.P.U Announces 2015 Album “Half Street Half Corporate”

After taking close to 2 years off the Ugandan Hip-hop scene O.P.U is back with a banger.”GET THAT MONEY”. The O.NATION/R.O.W Records artist who on 19th Jan 2015 made a surprise appearance on HOT 100 F.M to promote the 25th Jan Beach Explosion where he will be performing made the surprise announcement. In the close to 40 mins long interview in which he was accompanied by fellow R.O.W Records artist Lethal.

When asked about where he has been O.P.U explained;
“I took a two year break for myself and to get my product ready, I believe in taking my time, but am back now, with my new album “Half Street Half Corporate”.
He explained the theme of the album has a state of mind, a movement and a life style, in his own words “the theme of the album describes the ability to wear a suit and tie to get business done then wear timberlands and a O.NATION t-shirt in the evening, the balance between good or bad, part conformist part rebel”.

So far O.P.U premiered his brand new single “Get That Money” featuring T.Bro & Lethal, production by renowned hit-maker Sam Lamara of Talent Africa Studios and beat by beat maker Izack Young. The rapper was however reluctant to release any more details on release dates, but promised a 2015 release.  
Well for now O.P.U surely has the ears of his fans buzzing with this heavy banger.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Ninja C [Download + Lyrics]

Download ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Ninja C

Herninjaness is the title
Ninja C is your rival
Catch me off a flight i'll be chilling in arrivalz 
Yeah u know i'm balling on another level
Sky is the limit
No time to be idle
Greatness so loud no need to be reminded
Some call me the  Redefinition
This the start of a hiphop revolution 
i'm the femcee on a mission
Full speed ahead No brakes,
That bad chic that change  the game
Out here tryna be great
Let me hear u all say my name
Got All eyes on me
This beat just got
Assasins don't play games
No i aint done
till i gat you on the run
Gat 99 Problems but a man aint none call me queen bee
sweet mc
rap game firm 
i bless or i burn 
Aint you all learned u cant take a crown that u i aint never ever earned
Let ya'll be warned
Try to compete well u just got won
There can only be one

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ReDefinitions - Baru ft. CODE [Download + Lyrics]

Download ReDefinitions - Baru ft. CODE Here (3.2MB)


1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh

Verse 1:

Now Have You Ever sat in Corners,
Misguided and Losing Focus
You cant lead, You're Indecisive, Your Team's Hopeless
You're Bleeding from the Same Vices that He got caught with
But it aint got nothin to do with you, Only a Bad Couple choices
And You're
Steadily fighting the Voices
You're screaming above all the noises
And You're
Falling and Falling Again
Praying you stumble across a win, damn !
And Elvis is still in the building
The Lights still on, Man so We gon' keep rolling
We gon keep rolling....yeah

Verse 2:

Get up out your seat, nigga
Either You Shape Up or get shipped out, What It is, Nigga
Explore all avenues for new revenue
Got your Ducks in a Row
Put the Show on the Road
Better learn to Swim if you missed your boat
Go For Broke, Toe-to-toe
Doesn't matter if you know the Ropes
All you need is a little more Faith and a Little more Grind
And an Overdose of that Hope
And If Everybody's doing Nine Yards, You do Ten
For that R-E-D-E-F-I-N-I-T-I-O-N


1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh

Album on the way

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Ruyonga [Download + Lyrics]

I’m the redefinition, they study my rise from the ash like a phoenix and read the Phoenician
Its all Greek to me, seek for me in the dictionary under realest emcee's definition
Addiction to diction with zero remission, this Christian was a former seed of perdition
The game's on my back, I carry on tradition, I'm Dr. UG if you need a prescription
Get it? We'll here's the description, I'm the scribe that you prescribe that's hard to describe
We fly as a G 5 taking free rides on satellite that’s big enough to need three pilots, Ugandan C Wallace
I get to the head quicker than a free stylist, they can't nail us but they keep filing
Me and Baru  A grade so we be solid, majorly laugh when we see minors try to define us
Caught up in the fire of the refiners, only God himself could've designed us

My reign on the top, ain't gonna stop, hate it or not this rise to fame you gone need cable to watch
With the highest subscription that you could pay for the box sitting ringside by the main stage where the
Watts from the base so loud you hyperventilate from the shock on the scale of one to five, every
Masterpiece .... That we stage on every stage is similar to a stage six catastrophe
Amazing as eating maize in a maze preaching saving salvation to a Mason while he's macing you
We're here to stay so take a picture it'll help the gaze linger, see the aim of our mission couldn't stay simpler
Kill the beat, reveal the kingdom that won't stay hidden, release the heat and preach the peace all to the same rhythm
Keep the truth in their ear even if they never listen, lyrical and beat demolition redefinition....

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Monday, January 19, 2015

ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Tucker [Download + Lyrics]

Download ReDefinitions - Baru ft. Tucker HD Here

Year's 2015, plenty MC's, put any on any 16 Sweet, just so many whipped creams.. a recipe for a lil dude with some very big dreams Never letting them breathe, they shiver & plead, quiver & bleed, I'm a different breed The way I'm keeping up leads, never been enough need to be switching up speed Can't see defeat, toe-to-toe, none can step to him Better duck what I direct to him, I wreck, ruin, whatever the best doing like whoever let you win, whoever let you in Hell I suggest you in-hale, I can tell you im-pressed (yup) You been blessed (yup) You've been using the press, to bigup you & your chest N then hoping that we bought it, like you are Nyovest Mpa ba rapper bana, ba rapper bana Boyinza okussa mu ring netulwanagana, netulwanagana So Heavyweight, nga ba Straka bana Twali twaagalana, twava wala nebigana netukyaawagana Netukyaawagana, kati abakazi buli mwaka bana Twakazana, akatono akaavaamu era ako ketwagabana Ketwagabana, pockets wasn't on Kwagalana Ekika kyange teli, ne mu kika kyange teli Ba rapper olundaba bagwa eri, mu rap ndi Kabaka Mutebi. #THD

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ReDefinitions- Baru ft. P.I.F [Download]

The first verse on Baru's ReDefinition The Beat is here and it features P.I.F (Paid In Full).

Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/baru-frank/redefinitions-baru-ft-pif

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/barubeatz

Friday, January 16, 2015

ReDefinitions The Beat - Baru [Interview + Download]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

The in-house producer at Dustville Records, Baru is releasing an EP titled 'ReDefinitions The Beat' which features different rappers on the same beat (download the beat here). The EP will be released in phases starting today with the beat and then later on Monday, the 10 rap verses (10 artists) will be released on different days. We shall be putting them up here on the blog starting with beat today. I paid him a visit at Dustville records and we had a discussion about how he came to join music production, the EP he's releasing and the current state/direction of Ugandan hip-hop.

QN: Who is Baru and when did he start music production?

Baru is Amanya Frank from kabale who is a producer/sound engineer and I'm the in-house producer at Dustville Records. I started music production way back in 2007 but at that time I wanted to become a singer (laughs). When I started in 2010 my first year I used to do production and singing until I landed on software, then I decided to do production cause I wanted a sector where I could excel, because I hate being a mediocre.

QN: Let's fast forward to 2015, when you were starting did you have a plan like creating a significant "Baru Sound" that would differentiate you from other producers or you just decided to produce and go with the flow of creativity? 

No, I had no plan. I just wanted to do urban commercial music. I wasn't aiming at a specific sound, all i knew is I wanted to do urban music and be diverse. At that point I was also still not sure whether I going to do  production full time or juggle jobs with production. It was of recent after campus when I decided to do production full time.

QN: Let's talk "ReDefinitions The Beat" that you're releasing today, break it down for us and how you created it.

I have been trying to do a beat EP for a while. I would do a beat, an artist listens to it they like it and they snatch it. But ReDefinitions is all about me breaking out of a certain creative process. I had a specific creative process where I would create only when I'm in a certain mood most especially when I'm in a happy mood but for ReDefinitions I was trying to make  beats irrespective of  whatever situation/mood I'm in.

QN: So, should we expect something different on ReDefinitions compared to the Baru production we've been listening to in the past years?
Yes, Initially I wanted it to be a beat EP, 5 beats but then I was like why don't I experiment with it and get artists (rappers & singers) onto the first beat. In addition it would also attract people to listen to the EP. So today I'm releasing the beat but starting Monday I will release the solo verses of the beat for a period of ten days. Then the other beats will be released after a period of 2weeks.

QN: So which artists should we expect on the EP?

They are 10 artists both rappers and singers. I have Tucker, AbaasaR, A-Pass, CODE, Pryce, Patrobas, Ninja C, P.I.F, Ruyonga,  & Enygma. I wanted to be diverse & versatile that's why we have different artists on the EP.

QN: One of the most heated up discussions when it comes to production in Uganda is a "Ugandan sound". You as a producer do you think it's necessary to have a "Ugandan sound" or can it be created?

I had this same discussion of recent with AbaasaR. We looked at Ugandan music from the 50's but you could see there has been no sound ever since then. Even Ugandan music back then you could hear it had some influence from other countries. Music on the Ugandan market has origins from different countries, look at dance-hall from Jamaica, hip-hop from the states, so I wouldn't say we have a Ugandan sound. Still you can't create it cause different artists have different influences, concepts and creation. Some artists walk in with concepts already created or I give a beat to an artist to create a song.

QN; What are you thoughts on the current state of the hip-hop industry as someone who is a part of it?

Honestly, I thinks guys are sleeping. Guys aren't working like the way they used to work some years back,its like they're tired of trying. There's a lot of vacuum space to be filled, no one is at the top currently. For-example if you look at lugaflow rappers no one is at the top as we speak. Also we have no proper structure from the distribution to the marketing strategy of the projects. Then lastly the fans aren't playing their part fully, like buying merchandise, going to shows and all that 'cause you know fans are the back-bone of the industry.

QN: Lastly your top 5 new skool rappers from last year and the new producers  who put out exceptional work last year.

My top 5 new skool rappers from last year I have CODE (he had a dope song and good video), Tucker (was putting in work with his #TuckerTuesdays), Pryce, Patrobas and Gravity.
For producers from last year I only have AbaasaR, Josh Sb and Nessim.

Download ReDefinitions Here.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

#OffTheMIC: You - Essie ft. CODE (Free Download)

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Welcome to the first #CODEConnect session of the year 2015. For this Thursday's #CODEConnect segment #OffTheMIC, we decided to talk to the members behind "Crown ACE" about their first project 'YOU' on which Essie features CODE and produced by Josh SB. Crown Ace comprises of CODE, Essie & the producer/video director Josh SB who has been behind most of CODE's projects. We reached out to them to tell us creative process of the track 'YOU'. It's an Afro fusion of hip hop and soul off her upcoming EP. In-case you haven't listened to the track yet, you can download it here.

CODE (@TimothyCODE)

YOU started as an idea between Josh and I.  We wanted to help Essie create a powerful single to announce her return to the music scene with a bang. But also, we needed a dope lead single for her upcoming EP, "SickBeatz and Soul". Josh is insane with the beats so this time we decided to not give him our preferences. We just let him create. He sent the beat to Essie and I and we began writing. We hit studio and the session was even more pumped up. Jokes flying every where, Melodies popping out of nowhere, it was effortless. Fun Fact : Essie went HAM in the booth first. I took my sweet time and finally recorded. We played the rough version till about 5am the next morning and left studio around 12:00 noon. Everyone couldn't get enough of Essie. And She wanted to rap, yet that's my job!!! Any-who, from that point till today, response for YOU has been great. We cant thank the listeners enough. Crown ACE promises to deliver. Braaaap !

 JOSH SB (@JoshSBSessions)

YOU was written on a beat I created after CODE challenged me to experiment with African cultural drums some time back so I got right into it and spent two nights in studio trying to craft it. The first attempt to lay down genuine African drums kinda didn't yield any sensible results because I'd never tried anything of that kind before. It's until I watched a documentary about the richest African monarch which ended with this amazing west African drum groove that kept pulsing in my mind the whole night till the next day when I hit studio and with that inspiration I managed to lay down an authentic west African drum groove in logic.

The trick was marrying African drums with R&B and hip-hop all at the same time but thanks to my live music background I managed to lay down soft melodic piano work and a liltle bit of groovy electronic sounds (typical of SB) on top of the African drums and of-course the hip-hop groove was the easy part. The recording session was pretty inspiring, fun and tiresome at the same time cause we composed the song right there during the session and spent the whole night arranging and recording (plus a bit of comedy). CODE nailed his bars and Essie surely delivered vocally until she couldn't deliver no more (laughs). But I must say this is a song where Essie fully expressed who she is musically and I also managed to express myself musically through the musical arrangement of the song where each switch up is a perfect representation of my different musical background.
It's a crazy jam specially made for pop music fans all over the globe. Big up to all those who spread the word and made noise about it on social media. WE GOT "YOU"

 ESSIE (@Essie256)

The journey to recording of You started with Josh SB creating a beat that was a fusion  of Pop and RnB, something more of a CODE ft. Essie track. CODE however suggested we make it an Essie ft. CODE track to get me back on the music scene and to introduce Crown Ace to the UG music scene as well, an idea we all thought was great! Josh made a couple of adjustments here and there with a fusion of RnB, Soul, House, and Hip-hop which gave it more of an Essie feel. Well I must say, a Crown Ace recording session is always an epic musical turn up except for the part where those guys pick on me (Yes i'm reporting You). 

A lot of innovation and creativity is embraced to create a great sound or something never heard before which is easy since CODE, Josh and I are quite syndicated musically. For "YOU" the recording session was between midnight and midday (for the love of music). CODE had the hook written down already ('obugalo') and for the rest, it was each man for himself and God for us all. I went in first to voice the hook, wrote my verse while CODE and Josh worked on the intro, recorded my verse while CODE wrote his verse and finally watched CODE record his verse. Josh mixed and mastered to create such a great tune. I'm more than grateful for the support from the fans, feedback, online interaction and reception of the song and urge you to keep sharing and requesting for the song on your favorite request shows. Expect a lot from Crown Ace this year including my EP Sickbeatz n' soul that i'm currently working on with Josh. Thank you for the support and keep supporting Crown Ace and UG music generally on the map.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Keep The Fame (Mixtape) - Sulphuric [Free Download]


Dark Knights
Used to Know
Subliminal Shots
Ani Abasinga
The Muganda
I'm Not Mad
Feels Good To Be East African
Don't Cry
African Girl
UG Who's Real
Wonder If You Know

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Sulphuric Talks "KEEP THE FAME" Mixtape [Interview + Free Digital Booklet]

Keep The Fame (cover)

By Byaruhnaga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Finally we get to release this mixtape. It's been a long journey since 2013 when we (The Tribe UG) approached Sulphuric about the release of this particular project. Back in 2013 it was known as "U.G .'NOMICS; When Pain &Success Rhyme" but along the way communication, determination, dedication and focus among parties was lost until of recent when I caught up with Sulphuric and we had a conversation about everything to do with UG hip-hop, change of the name of the mixtape, future projects and his personal career. Sulphuric is releasing the mixtape tomorrow (03.12.2015) under the title 'Keep The Fame'. It consists of projects that you may or may not have listened to before but we are attaching a digital booklet (PDF Version) about the mixtape that you can download here (665KB).
The booklet should give you a quick preview about the mixtape also show you who contributed to the final product of this mixtape but for now  here are a few excerpts  of the conversation we had.

QN: Whats good boss? Its good to have you here At The Tribe. To start off why has the mixtape taken this long?

The honor is mine sir. Thanks for the good work you're doing. I really appreciate. But that's a good question. There's a Drake quote that's stuck with me over the years, where he goes: "never forget the moments you began to doubt/ transitioning, from fitting in, to standing out" I relate to that but from like a selfish thought process. Because, besides not having the  inspiration to create.
I went through a phase creatively where I was trying to fit in and trying even harder to stand out. Its like i got caught up in the hype quite honestly.

Initially when i made music i made it for myself, to inspire myself. If it inspired another person, that's cool. But I didn't care about their opinion whatsoever. It was for selfish reasons quite honestly. So yeah, like i said I got caught up in the hype and started to care about opinions. When that happens, as an artist you get writer's block. You like start second guessing yourself. That's the moments of doubt Drake's talking about (laughs) But yeah, that and a 9 to 5 don't make for a great combination.

QN: You have changed the name of the mixtape a number of times, why is that so & why did you Finally settle for 'Keep The Fame'?

I'm a Gemini man. We're known for having emotional mood swings and what not (laughs). So i keep changing the title according to how i feel at the time. But now it makes sense because I don't have writer's block; i'm not second guessing myself; i'm back in my zone. And by "my zone" i mean making music for MYSELF. I think that should pretty much explain this title (laughs)

QN: You're in the process of shooting the 'Dark Knights' video and you're releasing a complete project does that mean sulfuric is officially back into music? Should we expect more projects perhaps an album?!

You see the cameras man. So you already know (laughs). But yeah man, i'm working on a few things. Bigger things actually. I just needed to get this music out of the way before the real storm. "KEEP THE FAME" is free; consists mainly of old music with a few exceptions. I'm really just trying to get it out of the way. But as you can see a "Dark Nights" visual will follow. Shout to Nes. This man is a Kanye west of visuals. Managed to breath life into this vision that i had for the record. So Mtv, Channel O, U.G is coming (laughs).

Yeah but after this project I have a collaborative EP album we're working on with Mr. StoneTown. What we're doing is, we're sampling music from the African continent's greats: Fela Kuti, Yvone Chaka chaka, Lucky Dube. So we're fusing an african sound with the 90's Newyork boom bap sound to create a whole new sound. No one has done this before, so i know its going to knock down barriers. So far, I got Santana on one of the songs. I'm hoping to score more features of artists I'm already fans of. Female Mcees preferrably. After that i will drop my full LP that we've been working on for the last 2 years. That one is not free (laughs). So yeah bro, we're stepping on afew toes this year.

QN: You released 'Don't Cry' ft. so severe back in 2012 and it made it to song of the year (2014) on one of the radio stations in town. what does this mean to you? Are Ugandan stations just appreciating ug hip-hop?

Actually that's a good question. To me a 2012 record making a 2014 'records of the year' list just shows me either there isn't enough good hip-hop being handed in or "Don't Cry" is simply a classic. Lets call it what it is. And the fact that i didn't make it for radio consumption at all in the first place makes it all the more timeless.

You can listen to that song or "Dark Nights" or "I'm not mad" or "Used to know" 10, 20, 30 years from now and still feel the freshness. Because my secret is simple: I don't focus on the "Sulphuric" brand. I focus on the "legacy": what will I be remembered for? When my time is up, what was my contribution? How many did i inspire? When in actuality the only person i'm trying to inspire is me. To me that thought process is the secret to making timeless songs, bro. I really believe that. And that's what i feel sets me apart from any other artist not just in U.G but on the entire continent, period. Not to come off cocky but its kind of the truth (laughs)

QN: Let's talk about the projects on the mixtape. You're honest on most of your songs like on dark knights where you refer to your grand mum and growing up without a dad. Do you choose to be honest when you get into the booth?! How's your process of creating a song (a song like dark knights)?!

Another good question. You see, there are different perspectives, dimensions or approaches an artist develops as they grow. And the things Atlas who i respect very much by the way but the things or image he & artists with that style portrays or talks about now. I did when I was 16 to 20 years old. I'm older now. You don't need to know the material things I posses, when I know the material things I don't. So to me it all boils down to the legacy. I plan to be a father someday. So I don;t want to be remembered as the guy who rapped about swag, cars, jewels, how many girls i slept with...even though i'v been blessed to have had all these things. I rather make music that's heartfelt, real and with a meaning because that's the type of music I want to hear anyway. Like to me, its not that serious. Rappers tend to take themselves too seriously.

I don't have to create an image. I can just be myself because I don't care about the next man's opinion. Or what popular culture dictates i should act or dress like because I have nothing to be ashamed of. And I'm very observant. As any artist should be. So my writing process is like... sometimes i'm the observer, sometimes i'm the participant. So when I say, "I'm bumpin' Pac looking forward to better days/ girls laughing cos i got on the same clothes i wore yesterday" its like, no one ever laughed at me for wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday (laughs). But it has happened to someone i know, and when they hear it and the way i say it, they will relate. And that song will stay on their playlist forever. Again, kind of like how Rick Ross makes lyrics that will push his brand. Jay-Z makes lyrics that will sustain his legacy. That's the difference. But don't get me wrong. As you can see on this project, I never imprison my creativity: I will give you that real; then give you style; then give you bars; I even switch and go Bobiwine local (laughs). So you cant categorize me. Therefore even 30 years from now you wont be bored of Sulphuric 'cause I have a lot of diversity to offer as an artist.

QN: While We are still on the subject of being honest in your songs allow me to quote you on 'The Muganda',  "everyman for they selves, this combat/ whatever you're trying to be now, i was that"  Is there anyone you're trying to refer to in particular in this song?!

(Laughs) Well, I don't know if its okay for me to say this because I recorded that song in 2012 man. Its 2015. Happy new year by the way (laughs). But yeah man, just to put it on record, that was around the time i'd stopped doing it for myself. The hype had got to me (laughs). I didn't have much going on. I started giving people what they wanted to listen to. Which wasn't the case for me in the beginning. So basically, with those particular lyrics. I thought at the time, honestly, my then good friend Atlas was a little jealous of me. I think he's naturally just a very competitive person. I'v been a sportsman all my life so i can see where he was coming from with that.

We just never talked about whatever happened. There was a lot going on but just on some personal shit. But i kept it moving. He did too. From me its always been love and respect though. Actually, Respectful enough that i did a video for that particular record and didn't put it out. People don't know that i have a sick visual for that song. I have it to this day man. I had Enygma, Krac and a whole bunch of big weaves come through to support the shoot. But like i said, i make music for me man. So no one has to see that video. Besides, i was trash talking everybody, not just one person. Everybody.

When you listen to "The Muganda" I was angry, competitive, caught up in the hype. Now, i'm just chilling tho (laughs). I'm peacefully in my zone. I don't want to compete, or impress. I don't even want you to be impressed by my music, bro. Man, you could tell me i'm the best rapper in U.G. You're getting the same reaction from me as you telling me i'm the wackiest. I could careless, honestly. No one here is getting NBA player money from rap. So its not that serious. Its really not that serious. Shout out to Atlas, man. Shout out to the hip-hop family, man. They can keep the fame. 2015 is ours though (laughs).

QN: I believe as a rapper you have been following the hip-hop scene according to you are there any rappers who have raised the bar or who have earned your respect?!

I haven't really been following the hip-hop scene that closely quite honestly. But i attended the End Of The Weak concert. The energy in there was insane. Shouts to whoever put that together. Another highlight for me was Mith's Destination:AFRICA album which I enjoyed heads to tails. Lyrical G's album showed why he's still the O.G in U.G hip-hop. And that Super Cypher by the Sphynx too was a game breaker. But other than that there's alot of hot artists on the scene that I respect enormously but unfortunately, this interview is about Sulphuric.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

#TuckerTuesdays2014 [Free Download]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

The first song review we ever did on the blog was Tucker's 'Campu' back in 2013 and today we are hosting a compilation of his 2014 #TuckerTuesdays. #TuckerTuesdays2014 consists of all songs & freestyles that Tucker Released last year under his platform "#TuckerTuesdays".

On that note we would want to thank any one who contributed to our 2014 being a good year, we truly appreciate and have a blessed 2015!

Download #TuckerTuesdays2014 here (76.73MB)

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