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    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) As we wait for 13th December for the official release of Keko Town's upcoming P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D mixtape (which we shall be hosting on our blog) I caught up with

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013



By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

On the 29th of this month Baboon Forest head Bigtril will be dropping his first
official album at club venom (entrance UGX 20,000 just). I caught up with him and we discussed a lot of things about his album, the state of hip-hop in Uganda as a genre and this is how it all went down.

Qn: What’s good boss? First, things first you announced a mix-tape last year “Dreams 2 Reality” but the fans waited but you never dropped it, what happened?

All is good, just wrapping up the album. About the mix-tape we discussed as a
label and we decided to pull it back, because me as BIGTRIL as an artist I’m past the level on a mix-tape. We felt that I was ready for an album so we held it back, but the music is available online people can download it.

Qn: Okay, let’s discuss WHITE SHADOWS the album; is there any inspiration
behind the title of this album?

White Shadows is my first studio album dropping 29th November. White shadow
is more of like a movement I don’t want to live in the dark (back) no more i just
want a white shadow (the brightness). Basically when you listen to the song
White Shadows” you will know what I’m talking about.

Qn: Let’s dive into the craft and making of the album, how many tracks are on
the album on collaborations?

Basically this album has 12tracks with collaborations from artists like Evon (inside outside), Fille, Keko, Toniks, Dreign and others. Different producers have been able to contribute to its making like Sam Lamara, Dreign and others.

Qn: Sometime last year on a certain radio interview I heard that you had
collaboration with Ice Prince which you didn’t mention among the features on
this album what happened. I also realized that your album has few rappers what
are you getting at?

Yeah, the collaboration with Ice Prince is still in works due to the time difference
we have as artists and it will feature on the next album, in fact there are a lot of
international features that will be on my next album like Stella Mwangi and
others. My album has few rappers because I wanted it to be a Bigtril album; I just wanted to own it basically.

Qn: On this album you relax a bit, kill a few commercial tracks here and there,
what happened to the Bigtril on tracks like Drain Me Dry, Straka Money and the

On this album I went "Trizzy-Trizzy", I just wanted to create an album that all
people can easily enjoy and have fun. I still bring back the hard core BigTril on
tracks like Boda-Boda Swag. Secondly, when you’re on a record label you have to loosen up a bit and make more money.

Qn: How much is the album going to cost and where can the fans get it from?

The album will cost UGX 15000 (12tracks) and in a month’s time the Deluxe
Version will be released (15tracks) and also a DVD of the album will be released.
The album will be available everywhere in all shops like Nakumatt, Garden City, music land and other shops that will be communicated.

Qn: Comment on the current state of Ugandan Hip-hop.

I think the Ugandan hip-hop right now has a future, I mean you have the old
school people like Babaluku, Mith, Navio doing their thing, then you have artists like me and the new school rappers. Literally the future is bright because artists are being nominated at the Channel O awards like Navio, Keko. I do believe the future is bright and we headed in the right direction.

Qn: Lastly give us your top 5 Ugandan rappers that are not from Baboon Forest

Without baboon forest entertainment that’s hard but in no specific order my top
 5 Ugandan rappers are; Keko, Enygma, The-Mith, Navio and Ruyonga.

Tomorrow Bigtril will be answering questions from the fans via his twitter account @BIGTRILKAIZA, from 2-4PM. Just tweet your question "@BIGTRILKAIZA , @TheTribe_UG" and use the the hash tag #WhiteShadows.  

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Monday, November 25, 2013


By Mubanza Haggai (@mubanza)
 With the hip-hop culture approximately 30 years old all over the world, it’s an art of expression that we use to bring out issues affecting our society.
On 22nd November, Mirrors was held for the first time at the Uganda Museum striking a balance between, fashion, spoken word, social art and music to highlight how corruption is an unnecessary evil, hinders development and we as Ugandans should stand up against it. The event was initiated by Hellena Okiring and her team.
The show started at around 7:45pm and was graced by amazing performances with the likes of Saint Nellysade, Jason Ntaro, Beverly Nambozo, T-Bro, Milege Band, Slim MC, Edwin Ruyonga, Big Tril and Benezeri who unveiled part 2 to Zuukuka, a sequel to a song that raises issues about corruption within Uganda.
The event was sponsored by Open Mic Uganda Action Aid, Open Mic, Fenon, Ketoro, Smile Telecom, SWATT, Spire films and designs, Jennifer Ayikoru and Drop Creative.

T-Bro  #KigaFlow #Ekitaguriro
#KigaFlow #Ekitaguriro

BigTril & Benrzeri
Benezeri & BigTril  #BodaBodaSwag #Blest

Milege Band
Milege Band

BigTril & Benrzeri
BigTril & Benezeri

Benzeri, Ruyonga & BigTril Performing Zuukuka Pt.2
Benezeri, Ruyonga & BigTril Performing Zuukuka Pt.2

Ruyonga #VictoryLap


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Sunday, November 24, 2013


 By Yuriy Grigoryants (
poet, writer, spoken word artist)

Poetry is an acronym for "SOUL Happenings"...Time travel to the past, future and back again... Poems are one of the natural wonders on our Earth, part of man’s nature, in certain ways they are like all other creatures surviving in the wilderness. When poems are seen as living beings, individual entities, they can take away your breath, their very existence can change your life, truly shift your understanding of reality. The vision of Drew De'aloi Ayeni flies to unlimited heights, yet it appeals to a reader, as it vibes in unison with our thoughts and feelings, which we through away as something that prevents us from succeeding in daily routine (making money, despising, envying, or even fighting neighbour, etc., etc., etc.). Drew did not through them, as we do, he decided to work with them and see what's good in it for all of us. As for the form: it's amazingly masterful, with the abundance of “SMART” words, yet it is entertaining, engaging (I am sure many of us will dive into dictionaries after reading his poems). The style is very rhythmic, singing every word. He calls himself the African Wordsmith, and he is. But that playful attitude towards chosen words somehow intertwines with depth of thoughts, spirituality... lots of love for fellow human beings. His poetry is what I call “real food plus dessert for the mind”, as opposed to “chewing gum” of many of modern writings. The most important thing is, that he stands out among the majority of poets who try so hard to be “down to earth” with chosen topics and style, that they forget that we can fly. Drew's thought flies freely, and he is not afraid to fly and invites his readers to this flight with him in a very loving, amicable manner. I think you should allow this contact to take place, because once it has happened you will want to return to it and double check. Was he so bold? Were those insights so true? Was he really speaking to me? Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. These are poems for all who are willing. These are poems for you.
GEMS OF WISDOM  will have an audio version voiced by Rugged Made(rapper) and it's release date is yet to be announced. In a few days we shall have a 1-on-1 interview with Drew telling us all about the book and how it can be accessed.

Connect With  Yuriy
Facebook: Yuriy Grigoryants
Website: http://ygrig108.wix.com/yuriy-the-poet

Connect with Drew:
Facebook:Drew De'aloi
Facebook Page:Drew De'aloi's-Poetic Notes


Tuesday, November 12, 2013



By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)  

“Dope Track After Drop Track/
We Keep Moving That Audio Opium…”
Tucker HD (Public Service Announcement)

It only felt right I started this song’s (#Campu) review with those bars. Tucker is at it again on his #TuckerTuesday, moving that audio opium from BURN now to #Campu (dope track after track). Campu Life is produced by Sam Lamara a.k.a The Samurae of Talent Africa and artwork developed by Frank Whizzer. The art work gives you a quick preview of what you going to listen to, a rolex on the side, pen-books and shs.1000 notes. Campu Life focuses on those campus stories that everyone who has been to campus has at least gone through. Tucker goes ahead to lay down hard bars proving his lyrical strength as he is also sending a message on different topics like AIDS rise among students.

Good job Tucker and The Samurae, I give you (rate) four ROLEXES out of five (4/5).

See song lyrics below:

From Olympia, Valley Courts, to Nana, Ark & Akamwesi
The campus nightlife's a Straka Mwezi
8 to noon, tweeting, whatsapping in the lecture room
The hardest part about tests? Sitting next to whom?
Guys talking slick, tryna lead your friends on
99% of those? They keep them in the friendzone
She's something that you could have son, not that you are bad
You're sweet but can't compete with her sugar-dad
Outside her hostel, probably donning a Rolex watch
And your meal-time's your only Rolex, watch
You got game but no match, its real evident
Walking that talk, like I should run for Guild President
Papers the next day, party the entire night
Leave for class, pull our pens out then we firefight
Sexual network, affection leads to sex and
Rather than risk infection, some opt to use protection
Listen please, while you split some trees, beers and pleasantries
AIDS is on the rise like tuition fees
This life aynt a joke, without money, how funny
Some after heights, and some jumping off the balcony
The sextapes, folks do what they're determined to do
Lecturers striking, their payrise from the government due
Through it all you gotta focus, you don't plan to see
Your Graduation turn into a Dark Twisted Fantasy..

MUBS waddup? MUK waddup?
MUBS waddup? Nkozi waddup?
I C U all in UCU
You know the rest, it's The Taxi
Yeah, you aynt gotta ask me
Got Martha Smallz in the backseat
She just like it like that, see?
With LL this The Taxi, I'm OUT!

Download Link
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Thursday, November 7, 2013


By ByaruhangaFelix (@TheNinjaFelix)

So, I’m supposed to write a maximum of 400 words but for this with the experience I had I’m going to let it slide. This was the third edition of #YegoNight & personally I have attended two, the one which took place last month and this month’s edition. It happened at Route256(Opposite MTN indoor Arena Lugogo).

For those of you who don’t know about Yego Night, it’s a hip-hop event that happens every first Wednesday of the month put together by the Yego Production house. Different hip-hop artists come together both underground & mainstream rappers to put up performances for the fans of Ugandan hip-hop. So last night we had GNL, Santana with his 100Acres team (M.I.C &
Big ST), Lyrical G, Lillian Mbabazi, Klear Kut (JB & The-Mith), the Ugandan hip-hop commandos (Enygma & Ruyonga) and DJ Global
on the decks. The night started with freestyles from different new school rappers like So Severe, Benezeri, Forever Mc and a few underground rappers like BB Muwanvu who in my opinion had the best freestyle.

Every rapper put on a great show and of course the amazing Lillian Mbabazi. One of the performances that really got my attention was GNL’s, as he was performing he paused the music for a few minutes to pay respect and appreciate all the rappers that came before him like Lyrical G. This is one thing that all young rappers & the fans need to learn, RESPECT. You may be the hottest rapper at the moment but that doesn’t mean you disrespect those that came
before you. I have seen it with a few young upcoming rappers and some of us the fans which destroys the industry.

I firmly believe Yego Night is what the Ugandan hip hop industry has been missing, a night that will bring the fans and the rappers together every month instead of waiting for hip-hop concerts which as we all know take long happen. It’s also a place where the fans can get on a one on one with their favorite rappers and ask them a few questions. So, it’s us the fans to keep such hip-hop events running by attending them and buying merchandise that’s being sold at
these events. You don’t need to wait for #YegoNight to be announced just know that every first Wednesday of the month is all about Ugandan hip-hop at the Yego Night so come through and support. I want to send special thanks to every rapper that came through, JT (CEO Yego Productions), Ruyonga and the entire Yego team ( Osqa, Pearl, Cleo & the others) for such a
dope monthly night. Ruyonga is dropping his mix tape “Victory Lap” this Saturday at the Hive Mukono let’s all be there and support.

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