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    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) As we wait for 13th December for the official release of Keko Town's upcoming P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D mixtape (which we shall be hosting on our blog) I caught up with

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    By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) New Day is one of the singles of Atlas Da African's upcoming album 'Loyalty Before Royalty' and it features the talented Lillian Mbabazi who;

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twawambye Anthem - Tucker HD, Mal-X, Play01, The Guudfellas [DOWNLOAD}

Download Twawambye Anthem ft. Tucker HD, Mal-X, Play01, The Guudfellas

Monday, June 29, 2015

AYAYA - Navio ft. Mr Blue [VIDEO + DOWNLOAD]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

In one of Navio’s recent radio interviews he talks about how one of his missions for 2015 is try and bring the east African community together and he continues to say that “as a community we have too much power that’s why I’m calling my upcoming album POWER because it’s all about realizing all the power we have as East Africans.”

All of his words are clearly exhibited in his latest single “AYAYA” where he features Mr. Blue from Tanzania. Navio has continued to flip the script with his latest two singles where he delivers his lyrics in different languages that his fans didn’t expect him to. On this one he spits his first bars in Swahili remarkably and Mr. Blue comes in with the bongo flava as the final piece of the puzzle.

You can download the song here & watch the video below.

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Facebook: NAVIO
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YouTube: NavioVideos

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Side Ze'no - Pryce Teeba [Download]

"Side Ze'no" is a single off Pryce Teeba's upcoming mixtape "Kambajulire" that will be dropping later this year.

Pryce recruited Baru's production skills for this one & through this he continues to dominate our Ugandan hip-hop  playlists this year from "ReDefinitions the beat" to a couple of singles off Ru's upcoming Glory Fire album.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sitya Loss - AbaasaR Refix [Download]

Download Sitya Loss - AbaasaR (2.5MB)

AbaasaR's "Sitya Loss" (Refix) is part of a playlist he was preparing for early this year, where he d make an interpretation of a song he heard using the parts he found rich and interesting. 

He wrote the instrumentals and recorded the vocals as well. Sound of Kla has been preparing mixes and playlists to be uploaded using alternative material from Ugandan writers and producers. This project was part of that. Listen to Sitya Loss AbaasaR Refix & download it here.

Connect With AbaasaR
Twitter: @AbaasaRFacebook: 
AbaasaSoundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/abaasar