#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day - The-Mith

Posted by TheTribe UG on 8:50 AM

"I just became an uncle again/
Had me thinking should I kill them or be nice with the pen/
Well why pretend, man I'll bring your whole style to an end/
There's none rivalling him, I send them shots like I brought the rifle with him/
Who stays dope? Who got next?/
Who should I start looking at like they're the next rap threat?/
Internet gassed them all, they'll never walk my steps/
So lemme score respect, score more cheques & make sure the shoes all check/
I'm top floor til I'm dead & under/
Blind my competition they will never see me blunder/
Coz like a street kid looking for food to eat in Ramathan/
None of these guys will ever match my hunger/."

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